Are you weary of your yellow teeth; stained teeth making you look elder and sapping away your confidence? In this generation, many persons want a sparking or lighting teeth for the good impetration or for the confidence. Because tooth whitening is an ideal for all people who have healthy and gums, individuals with yellow toned to their respond finest.

reduction in the brilliance of the enamel. Ingesting colored liquid like red wine can discolor teeth quickly, coffee and tea also the main cause of the discoloring of teeth, the other main cause of the yellowish or discoloring of the teeth are Tetracycline, Fluorosis, Enamel hyperplasia, Tobacco ( tar ), Mate etc. However, given all the teeth whitening products on the market today, which ones are the best, and how much do they cost? Or do you dream to have sparking or beautiful smile similar to celebrities? If yes, then it is not very difficult to turn your dream into reality. Just read through the following passages to have some effective teeth whitening products.

Whitening toothpaste:

This is the best way to whitening of your teeth. You know all toothpaste help remove surface stains because they contain mild abrasives. Some whitening toothpaste contains gentle polishing or chemical agents that provide additional stain removal effectiveness. You know the whitening toothpaste can help remove surface stains only and do not contain bleach. And the most important is a tube of whitening toothpaste typically costs less than US $ 10 at the drugstore or local supermarkets.

Over-the-counter gels: Generally we known whitening gels are very clear, peroxide-based gels applied with a small brush directly to the surface of your teeth. And it is also the second cheapest way to increase the whiteness of your teeth. Commands usually call for twice a day application for 14 days. Original result is seen in a few days and final results are continued for about four months.

Whitening strips:

This is very thin, almost invisible strips that are covered with a peroxide-based whitening gel. This are applied twice in a day for 30 minutes for 14 days. Original results are seen in a few days or the final results are nonstop for about four months.

Whitening rinses:

Whitening rinse are the most new whitening products for the teeth whitener. Like most mouthwashes, provide freshen breath and help reduce dental plaque and gum diseases. However, these products also include ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide, which whiten teeth. In this case, so many manufacturers say it may take 12 weeks to see results and you can swish them around in your mouth approximately 60 seconds twice a day before brushing your teeth every day.

Tray- based tooth whiteners: This system can be purchased either over-the-counter or from a dentist, involve filling a mount guard like tray with a gel whitening solution which contains a peroxide bleaching agent. The tray is worn for a period of time, generally from a couple of hours a day to every day during the night for up to four weeks and even longer.