When you eat any type of food and the food which you have eaten passed through your esophagus into your stomach the lower esophageal sphincter closes it is also knows as muscular valve not allowing the food to move back up. When the lower esophageal relaxes incorrectly then Acid reflux occurs. Thereby, allowing acid from your stomach to flow backward into your esophagus. Your stomach acids are needed to digest the food consumed. It too much acid stored in the stomach is common symptoms of gas and bloating, burning sensation in your stomach and throat can be experienced. This types of problem generally occurs when your consume certain types of foods and eating food without chewing well and when you lay down soon after having meal. Here we mentioned some home remedy which helps your treat your Burning sensation in your stomach.

Eat Apple/Banana

These are rich in natural anti-acids which act as buffer against acid reflux and give relax from burning Sensation in Your Stomach problem. It is a very simple home remedy. So eat a ripe banana daily, it has rich of potassium and will help to keep control the level of acid production in your stomach. Some certain elements which are present in the fruit will also help to increase the production of mucous in your stomach. It also helps to protect from the harmful effects of excessive acid production. Bananas are high in fiber content which helps to speed up your digestion and minimizing incidences of acidity. You can also eat an apple per day. If you eat slices of apple couple of hours before bedtime can prevent discomfort or relieve from burning Stomach problem.

Eat Yellow Mustard

It is an alkaline food which is full of minerals and contains a weak acid in the form of vinegar. But it is a bit difficult to eat raw mustard, but due to its alkaline attributes, it will help you to neutralize the acid which is has come rising in your stomach.

Take 1 teaspoon of high quality yellow mustard

Straight up it with a glass of water

Chew Basil

Basil leaves has therapeutic properties which gives instant relief from acidity, gas, nausea and other problem which is related to stomach.

Take some basil leaves and washed them thoroughly at the first onset of signs of an acid upset and chew these basil leaves thoroughly.

Take four to six basil leaves and boils the leaves in some water for 10 minutes and add some honey in it.

Put the basil tea in a cup and drink it without milk.

It has cooling effect that helps to reduce burning associated with acid reflux and overall pain.

Regularly Consume Almonds

Almonds are a natural home remedy for heartburn. But consuming organic almonds is very good for body or stomach. Almonds neutralize the juices in your stomach and prevent from burning Sensation in Your Stomach.