• Less of Vitamins issue in your body
  • Insufficient production of tears
  • Inching issue in your eyes
  • Your eyes getting red


Cucumber is one of the simple way to solve dry eyes issue. Take a fresh cucumber and cut into in slice. Close your eyes and put this slice in your close eyes and leave this slice in 20 minutes. After replace this then you feel better. It is help to getting moisture your eyes an also relaxing your eyes.

Tamarind seeds

Take some tamarind seed in to the bowl and mix some hot water and leave this approx 5 minutes. Then take a fresh cloth and soak in this water. Apply on around your close eye then you feel quickly relax your tried eye for applying this treatment.  It is very easy to use and work fast.  Tamarind is always available on your home.

Hot compress

Take some normal warm water in a bowl and a clean towel. Soak the towel in this warm water. Place this towel properly in your Closed your eyes  and leave this for some times. When you open your eyes then you realize that you feel better and your eyes are moisture. Apply this treatment minimum twice times in a day.


Potato is always available in your home. You know that it is always use for our home remedy treatment. It is also a very famous vegetable many people likes it. Take a fresh potato cut into in slice. First of close your eyes and place this slice on your close eyes leave this for some time. After remove this potato slice and wash your eye for fresh water. Then you feel better.

Aloe Vera

Take some aloe Vera juice in a bowl and freeze this juice for some time. In this juice mix some cold water. Take two circle cut shape cotton and soak in this water.  Keep this cotton on your closed eyes and leave for some time.  This method moisture your dry eye and you fell relax. Use this treatment twice times daily.