Many people in this world addicted to smoking and no single day starts or ends they could not leave without a cigarette. We know that smoking is injurious to health. When you smoke every time you light one up many disease such as bladder, mouth esophageal, pancreatic, increasing your risk of lung, cancer. It increase some other risk of strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, thin bones, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and lots more.

In addition, smoking affects mental capacity and memory as well as increasing the likelihood of impotence and reducing fertility. Smoking during pregnancy also affects the unborn child. Women who smoke while pregnant often give birth to low-birth-weight, premature babies.

It’s hard to stop smoking, especially when it is ingrained as a daily ritual. And quitting cold turkey is not an easy task.

Nicotine withdrawal begins quickly, say within 30 to 60 minutes of the last cigarette. The withdrawal can last for several weeks and varies from person to person. Some common withdrawal symptoms include cravings to have a cigarette, irritability, anger, anxiety, nervousness, concentration problems, restlessness, increased appetite, insomnia, fatigue, reduced heart rate and headaches.

No matter how difficult it is to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, know that they are only temporary. The symptoms will stop as soon as the toxins are flushed from your body.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

Avoid smoking Triggers will help to reduce your desire to smoke but Avoiding these triggers will not stop the cravings entirely. You have to surely let them pass without lighting up a cigarette because addictions don’t last long. If you want to quit smoking then you have to avid the triggers which can be place, things, people and situation and you have to set off your mind urge to smoke.

To outwit some common smoking triggers

You should avoid caffeine and because it make your urge for a cigarette addiction. Instead of this you should drink water.

You should spend time with nonsmoker and avoid the company of friends who smoke.

Live where smoking isn’t allowed it quit from smoking.

Being tired can trigger the urge to smoke and your should get plenty of rest

You should try to limit drinking alcohol because heavy drinking of alcohol and cigarettes often go hand in hand

If your habit of smoking after meals then brush your teeth after having meals and take a walk and chewing gum to stop the urge of cigarette.

You should play a game on your computer or mobile, if you would normally takes a cigarette after break at work.

Keep Your Mouth and Hands busy because when you do this miss the comfort of a cigarette in your hand or between your teeth. To keep your mouth engaged, you should chew sugar less hard candies, cloves, sugarless gum, carrots, licorice sticks.

Instead of a cigarette you should Hold a pen between your fingers, it will keep your hands active.  You should play with squeeze ball, solve a puzzle, knit or play online games to active your hand.

Drink Water

If you want to quit smoking addiction you should drink more water. because your water flush out toxins. When you keep drinking water at regular intervals you can completely quit smoking addiction.

You will urinate more when you drink plenty of water. It helps to speed up your body’s and eliminate the toxins. It also helps to treat headaches which are common nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Water helps to ease your cough and clear out mucus from lungs. Drinking water will help to control to increase appetite without changing your eating habits too much.

Most people should drink 6 to 8 glass of water every day. It also helps to maintain the body water level.