Eat probiotic yogurt
We discuss about antibiotics. Use yogurt in your meal because it is a reach source of good bacteria. It is mainly helps to recover from antibiotics. In this appear bacteria are live cultures that provide a layer of protection in intestines help generate lactic acid. This lactic acid got bacterial toxins out of the body. It is totally home remedy process to deal with antibiotic side effects. Use the yogurt daily in your meal then its keep a distance from antibiotics.

Eat garlic
Garlic is natural ingredient and it is also an antibiotic to help kill effective microbes without any side effect. In the garlic found allicin namely chemical that help to protect your kidney & liver from the potential damage of antibiotics. Allicin also known as other name is sulfur. Eat one clove of garlic in a day then its helps many issue. You have also used garlic in your daily meal. It is totally based on home remedy method.

Take milk thistle supplement
You have to protect your kidney & liver from any damage due any reason of antibiotics. The herb milk thistle is more effective from this type of issue. It is rich source of antioxidant to protect your liver & its also kill the microbes without any side effect. It is available in medicine shop. For use this in proper dosage consult a doctor. It is a home remedy method to deal with antibiotics side effect. Milk thistle is also available in syrup & capsule texture.

Use ginger tea
You have suffered with diarrhea, nausea or vomiting issue. Use ginger tea because it is mostly effective from this side effect. Ginger tea is a natural antibiotics supplement to protect many health issue caused by bacteria. Take a bowl with some water. Add some ginger and boil for some time. After this take out the ginger from this water. Add some honey & lemon juice for taste mix it. Drink this tea sip by sip. It is home remedy method. Use this tea one time daily.

Eat bland foods
Somebody reported side effect of antibiotics are diarrhea, nausea or vomiting issue. In this situation you have to eat only bland food like as dry crackers, plain bread, white rice & etc. it is help to protect this type of issue. In this reason you have some issue in your digestion. Then eat bland foods because it is easy to digest and mainly help give rest to your gastrointestinal tract. Don’t eat any spicy foods during this problem because it create another problem in your health. It is a home remedy treatment. Use bland foods when you are going to healthy again.